Tanken Architecture about Arven

The concept behind Arven is designed to work in harmony with the dramatic landscape of Forslandsdalen, and provides space for indoor and outdoor installations and experiences.

Inspired by dams

Your first encounter with Arven is the pedestrian bridge from the parking lot. The bridge is elevated above the landscape between the treetops, giving you an overview and a view of the landscape, installations, and buildings.

The building itself is inspired by a power plant. Parts of the interior are located inside and below the terrain, behind an opening in the retaining walls. Access is designed as a pipe that goes from the dam and through a power plant, leading people into the building – below ground level. On the other side, you are suddenly elevated with a free view of the spectacular landscape.

The dam frames a south-facing space in front of the building with a stage, amphitheater, and outdoor experimental area. The terrain shape is a ridge that creates space for paths, installations, and experiences, and makes it possible to walk on the roof over the building, around, and back down again.

Constructed for opportunities

When the building is laid in the terrain like a dam, the interior and exterior become an intertwined course in the terrain. This facilitates many ways to experience the center – both in, over, under, and through the terrain. It provides a wide range of opportunities for experiences, learning, and knowledge exchange. All of which make up the Arven Experience Center.

It all starts with the idea. It is present in all processes – where the interaction between people develops – where function and aesthetics are shaped towards the final goal, and the idea becomes reality.

– Tanken Architecture